What is kikbak.in?

Kikbak is brandable discount provider which provides access to the largest network of outlets discounts all over India including major high street brands and local retailers. Kikbak provides savings at over 5000+ locations in Bangalore and 200+ Online Stores. We provide our members with access to special offers and discounts that are not available to the general public.

What offers are available for Kikbak Users?

There is a wide range of offers Kikbak Merchants give exclusively to Kikbak Users. All the 5000+ Merchants offer the best deals in the town to our Users. The offers vary from Flat discounts to buy 1 get 1 free and also Combo/ Beauty Deals.

How do I get Kikbak Discount?

i) Download Our Kikbak App. ii) Register for the Membership and start searching the Outlets in your city. iii) Visit the Shop and display your Kikbak Digital card while billing and Get direct Discounts over your Bill.

What catergories does Kikbak provide offers for?

Kikbak provides discount in all categories like Fashion Store, Spa & Salon, Health & Fitness, Café & Restaurant, Pubs & Nightlife, Lifestyle, Travel & Holiday Packages, Hotels & Resorts, Product & Services, Groceries & Supermarkets etc.

Why was the Service Charge/ VAT applied to the total bill before the Kikbak discount was deducted?

The Kikbak discount only applies to the bill and not Service Charge/ VAT as the service you receive is the same as it would be for a full paying customer. Therefore any service charge would be applied prior to any discount being deducted.

Can I Buy a Membership as a gift to someone else?

Yes! You just need to make the payment and get the Voucher code for the membership. Share the Voucher code to whomever you want to gift. And once they use the same voucher code while registering, they are all set to get discounts.

How long will my Kikbak card take to get activated?

Once the payment is done, it would take 24 hours for us to activate your Kikbak card.

Does Kikbak discount apply on takeaways or Home services?

Yes, we have many merchants who provide discounts over delivery/ takeaway, home services, free pick up & delivery.

How do I Join?

Download our App now!! Register with us for your yearly membership at just INR 999/- and start getting discounts on every shopping.

Is my choice limited when I am using Kikbak discounts?

No, you have wide range of choices like other customers and you are the lucky one to get discounts as Kikbak customer while others are not.

Can I get Kikbak discounts throughout the year?

Yes, you will get the Kikbak discounts in all the 5000+ outlets any number of time you shop in the year.

Why do some Merchants ask for Prior Booking/ Reservations?

This is because if the discount has not been mentioned and the bill is produced, the manager would then have to recalculate the bill, which can be time consuming. If the merchant is already aware that you are a Kikbak User, they can calculate the bill including the discount from the outset.

Why do Merchants provide such big discounts to Kikbak?

As Kikbak is a large community, the merchants are able to offer a large discount without publicising that offer to the general public. As our Users pay for membership they are the type of customers that the merchants like to get through their doors. The whole ethos of Kikbak is to make shopping out more affordable, thus encouraging people to shop out more regularly. By doing this, we are helping both our users and our merchants; and as such are highly valued by both.

How do I keep myself updated on the new merchants joining?

Our Kikbak App is fully up-to-date with all the offers currently available. The number of merchants is growing all of the time, and you can keep informed by visiting the app.

Do you have a smartphone App?

The Kikbak mobile App is available for iPhone & android.

Will my renewal fee remain the same each year?

Any changes will always be communicated within your renewal reminder email, alternatively you can contact us via telephone to discuss your renewal price. The cancellation requirement does remain the same.